Indoor Plants That Need Little Water to Survive

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It’s no secret that we are in the midst of a major water crisis in the US. From the poisonous water in Flint, Michigan, to the devastating drought in California to the ongoing disputes about the distribution of water from the Colorado River, water conservation is more important now than ever. However, we also know that having plants and flowers in the home can improve indoor air quality, make you happy, and are just really nice to look at, so how do you balance a love of houseplants with the need to save water? You choose plants that are virtually self-reliant and need very little water to survive.

Conserve water with a terrarium

Make a beautiful terrarium for your home with green and purple succulents that require little water.

Succulent plants are beautiful and need very little water

Succulent plants often have thick juicy leaves, but cacti are also in the succulent family. Any plant that will store water, either in their fat little leaves or their prickly body, is a succulent and an excellent choice for a water-friendly indoor plant.

These plants range from many shades of green to various shades of purple and are perfect for a terrarium. They are decorative, and they are virtually self-sufficient. Succulents can be left alone for weeks before they need water. In fact, many prefer to be left alone until the dirt they are standing in is completely dry. Only then should you replenish their water supply.

Some succulents are also healing, like the aloe plant. The thick bright green leaves are full of aloe that is great for cuts and scrapes and to soothe your dry hands.

Ivy and vines

Typically, we think of vine plants and ivy as growing outside on our fences, crawling up the sides of our homes to create a romantic, country cottage feel, but vines can also be kept indoors for a little bit of greenery to liven up your home.

You will need to control the growth, but pothos plants are rich, green with big teardrop shaped leaves that will grow tall and beautiful. They require little light and very little water. They are perfect for the eco-conscious homeowner.

Eco-friendly home decorations by Revampt

Begonias come in a variety of bright, bold colors, and they require very little water to thrive.

Begonias bring color without wasting water

If you’re looking for a little burst of color besides the greens that the above plants will give, then pick out a few begonias. They come in many colors and patterns that can liven up your home with beautiful flora but won’t require excessive watering to stay alive. Like the pothos and succulents, Begonias can stand to dry out completely before taking another gulp of water.

For more inspiration for indoor plants that need little to no water, check out this article from Good Housekeeping.

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