Importance of Recycling in Colorado

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At Revampt we know how important it is to be aware of your Planet’s conditions, and to be mindful of our actions. Contributing to our Earth by doing things the best way possible is the goal of living a green life. Recycling, reusing, being aware of the use of resources such as water, electricity, gas, wood is paramount. Making sure you do the best you can to save water will do greatly for our world. Let’s take at how is Colorado doing in terms of Recycling.

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Things to know about Recycling in Colorado

  • Although efforts have been increased and some areas of the state are very active in recycling, Colorado could do a better job when compared with other states. In 2012, the rate of the country’s municipal waste stream that was being recycled was of 34,5%. In Colorado it was 26%. Less than half of the counties in Colorado have recycling available for their citizens at easy access.
  • Recycling services might vary depending on the are you live in. To find out about your recycling options you need to contact the local office government for the waste hauler. You can also search in several online directories, like the Colorado Association For Recycling one to find your nearest Recycling Center.
  • Recycling is not free for all households. Recycling is only cheaper than trash service, with hopes that someday it will be free. The costs involved in the logistics, like picking up the loads of recycling material, still require money. On the other hand, recycling material can be sold as a commodity instead of increasing the amount of trash, which has to be sent to a landfill.
  • Its of great importance to recycle. In Colorado, recyclables have value and once separated from trash and collected as recyclables, are very rarely thrown into landfills. Recyclables are sold to markets for a profit (revenues can vary depending on local and international economies). Also, even taking into account the recycling trucks on the road and transportation impacts, the embedded energy recovered in recyclables dramatically outweighs the emissions from transportation.

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