How You Can Create An Open And Airy Living Space!

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With spring comes the blossoming of new growth, warmer weather, open windows, and all things fresh and new. Why not re-create your living space, give yourself a fresh and airy perspective on your living room!  Revampt Goods gives a few tips on making a space open and airy, giving you a place to breathe this spring!

Lighten Up

You can actually pack a lot into your living room if situated correctly. The key to an open and airy space is to keep the furnishings from weighing down the space. Open weave chairs, light colored furniture or clear Lucite chairs help keep spaces feel light. Keep windows unobstructed for optimum light.

White On White

Having an all white interior never goes out of style. A fresh wall of paint can instantly transform even the darkest of rooms. To prevent it from feeling sterile and cold, incorporate multiple textures in different shades of white, off white, ecru, flax and tan. Rugs, pillows, throws and upholstery all add depth to the monochromatic look.

Let It Flow

Open the flow of the room. Rearrange the room to have unobstructed pathways through the center of the room. If possible, arrange the furniture so the backs of the chairs and sofas are not facing the entry into the room. If you have to walk around furniture to enter into the center of the room, or if the first thing you see when entering a room is the back of a sofa, it can leave one feeling not so welcomed.

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