How to reclaim wood to create new furniture

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There is plenty old wood that can be reused to give it a new purpose.

In the consuming world we live today, it’s easy for people to go along with the ridiculous misconception that everything old should go, in order to buy everything new. The rate at which we are producing waste and not disposing of it in the best way, is increasing. Our actions are needed today; it’s paramount we each contribute by making greener choices in our lives.

Reutilizing material to make new creations is not only a trend but  important for our Planet. Today we share with you two ways in which you can prepare old wood to be upcycled and how to choose the best pallets.

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Getting used wood ready to be worked with

Cleaning Old Wood

Check your stack of old wood to see if the pieces have nails or old tacks. Take your time to remove old tacks before cleaning it. Use a tack puller to remove these. Once your wood is tack-free, gather your cleaning supplies to get your wood washed. You will need a poly scrub brush. A toothbrush for small details and corners.  A bucket, dish washing detergent, latex gripping gloves, a garden hose fitted with a spray nozzle for more convenience. And a pair of sawhorses so you can wash your wood easier.

As you start scrubbing, you will notice that some of the old paint, if it has any, will come off during the cleaning process. Don’t worry about it, it will give your wood a nice vintage look. Make sure the day is sunny and warm. TYou do not want your wood to remain wet for too long because mold loves moist conditions. Read a great tutorial on how to prep your old wood to be reused.

The Right Pallet

One of the most important things when it comes to working with pallets is choosing the right ones. Because pallets are used multiple times for transporting a wide variety of materials, they can be susceptible to spills from all sorts of nasty liquids and products. The first rule when selecting any pallet is to check if it has anything visible spilled on it. It’s best to discard pieces with spills, stains, or strange discolorations. Stick with a clean, stain-free pallet.  

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Also, check for a stamp or marking on the sides of the pallet. If you see no numbers, words, or symbols stamped, branded, etched, or painted on the sides, then you’ve likely found a safe and clean pallet. For most domestic transportation purposes, a non-treated wood pallet requires no markings.

Several places where you can get safe pallets from:
-Feed and Tack Supply
-Residential Construction Site
-Landscaping Companies
-Newspaper Delivery and Distribution Centers
-Hardware and Lumber Store

Reusing helps reduce the amount of waste we create. It’s important we all take part in making a difference towards helping the environment. Read more about the importance of Recycling in Colorado and how you can contribute by buying reclaimed wood furniture.