How To Prepare Now For Hosting Your Holiday Parties!

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No need to stress over the holidays, just start preparing now for those holiday events!  Whether it’s just family, or your boss’s family, have your home ready for holiday entertaining!  Revampt Goods in Cherry Creek gives you a holiday checklist to prepare your home for the season.

The giftInvitations!

If you haven’t already, send out your holiday invitations for your events.  Design your own or have them done.  If you are running short on time, send email invites!

Clean Out the Closets

So, if you are going to be having your entire family and extended family over, or just your co-workers, you will need a place to drop the coats and purses.  Clean out your closet space now!  Take stock of your own winter gear, donate outgrown items and organize the rest so it is easily accessible!  Organize the coat rack or hall closet, before it’s too late to save yourself the embarrassment!

CandlesRevampt goods

Before you host an event, you want your house to smell festive.  This can be done weeks before the actual event, and enjoyed as well!  Flickering candles set the scene for a cozy and inviting home.  Go ahead and get them now, set them in the bathrooms, entry table and side tables.  Don’t mix too many overpowering scents.  Stick to one or two scents for the home.  Be sure they blend as well!

Front Porch Welcome

Spruce up your front outdoor entry.  Hang a wreath or two, tack up the garland over the door and give it a nice sweep to remove leaves and dirt.  If you are feeling festive, hang lights!  Having this done early in December will save you the hassle of last minute to-do’s before guests arrive!

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