How To Make Good New Year’s Resolutions and Keeping Them!

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It’s that time of year! The time to make those dreaded resolutions. What if you could make resolutions you can actually keep? Revampt Goods gives the low down on making resolutions for the new years and tips to help you keep them! Everyone is ready to reinvent themselves, and here at Revampt that’s what we do best- reinvent. Follow our tips for successful new year’s resolutions!

Pick One Thing

Just pick one. Leave the list of getting up at 3am and working out for 4 hours behind. Do something attainable, such as get out of bed. That’s a resolution you can probably keep, at least for the first couple of months. Seriously, just pick one area of life to change. If you are successful with the first change, then add a second one- such as eat breakfast, or putting pants on. You will have the chance to be a whole new you by the end of 2017!

Plan Ahead

Read about it, research it, plan for success!  Attack your goals as if it was a business.  For instance, begin researching different ways to get out of bed. There’s rolling out, jumping out, climbing out or falling out. All are valid, just pick one and look forward to executing your plan.

Anticipate Problems

Expect problems and make a list of how you will move past them. For instance, anticipate the problems with putting your pants on every morning. Your’e tired, you don’t have any pants, you can’t get out of bed, your legs fell off, etc… all of these are real problems and should be treated as such. Identifying these dilemmas will help you work out ways to overcome them.

 Make One Resolution You Can Keep- Come See Whats New At Revampt Goods!

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