How To Make an Upcycled Pinecone Wreath

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Rustic Pine Cone WreathWhat better way to welcome people to your home than with a wreath on your front door?  Make it yourself out of pinecones you foraged.   And you just made yourself an upcycled little project!  Revampt Goods in Cherry Creek offers recycled and upcycled gifts and furnishings just minutes from downtown Denver.  Come check out our gifts, and in the mean time, make one yourself!  We give you a simple and quick project just in time for the holidays!


Pinecone WreathChristmas deco

Grab a foam circle, brown spray paint, a pile of pinecones, a glue gun and a wide ribbon.  Begin by spraying the foam circle in dark brown spray paint.  You want it to be completely covered so the foam won’t show through.  Take the pinecones and begin placing them one at a time around the circle.  With each pine cone, place a dot of hot glue on the bottom, then firmly place it on the foam, pressing pinecone firmly into the wreath.  You will probably have 3 or 4 rows of pinecones across the width.  Be sure to squeeze them closely together!  Once you are finished, take tiny pinecones and plug in any gaps.  This is a time consuming project, but the effort is well worth it!  Put on a Christmas movie and you will have it completed or close to completion by the end!  Once finished, take a wide ribbon and wrap it around the top, this is what you can use to hang it from.

Add Some Bling

To add variations to the basic pinecone wreath, you can add some bling to it!  Spray paint the pinecones in gold or silver.  Spray paint just the tips of the pinecones to add some flare.  Another option is to add some holly berries interspersed in the pinecones.  The red will make it a bit more festive for the season.  To add some scents, add dried orange slices for an aromatic treat as you walk indoors.

Christmas pinecone decor


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