How To Make A Large Bedroom Cozy!

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Large rooms are luxurious. They can also be difficult to stage with furniture. The purpose of a bedroom is to have a retreat where you can unwind after a long day. With a large, spacious room, the emptiness can feel daunting. Revampt Goods gives a few tips on making a large bedroom cozy.

Over-Size ItBed with storage

In a large room, oversized statement pieces can be made and the room can handle it. For instance, an oversized headboard makes a big statement. It also makes the room feel fuller without being overcrowded. If you have room for a sitting area, a large oversized chair would also be appropriate to create a welcoming space.

Dark Colors

Dark colors make larger spaces feel more manageable. If you have good lighting in a room, with lots of natural light, go with darker walls to create a more intimate space.

Bed Placement

If you can pull this off without having awkward walking paths around the room, place your bed in the center! This creates a dramatic effect and makes the bed the focal point of the room, which is what you want anyways!

blanketLayer Textures!

Layering cozy textures on your bed, chairs and floor add to the intimate ambiance you want to create. You can even consider layering rugs! Thick, plush comforters add to the visual element, along with a fur throw across the foot of the bed, or over an armchair. If you want an extra dramatic effect, hang curtains from the ceiling at the four corners of your bed for an elegant, yet dramatic look.

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