How to help our oceans from home

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People don’t realize how much damage we’ve done to the sea in the last decades. It’s a vast blue universe of resources, that are being taken out daily in tons and tons of weight. Water and the seas make our planet be a green star, Planet Earth. We can take care of our oceans from home, make your every action count! Today, we share with you some tips to help the oceans from home.


Things to do to save our oceans


Around 50-80% of trash found in the sea is plastic. Even though it breaks down into smaller pieces it never really goes away. Daily, animals die by swallowing this debris. Refuse to use single-use plastics and switch to reusable bags, cups and any kitchen utensils. Volunteer to clean beaches or pick up any plastic you see.

Energy and fossil fuel consumption

You can help reduce the country’s carbon footprint by leaving the car at home, as often as possible. Be conscious of your energy usage at home, and do only full loads of clothes and dishes. Switch to energy efficient bulbs, take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Water at home

Be mindful of the water you use at home. When in the shower, washing the dishes, your teeth, turn off the water when you’re not rinsing. In the yard, use as little fertilizers as possible, these are carried downstream when it rains. Wash your car with a bucket.

Waste disposal and eco-friendly products

When throwing away oils, motor oil, hazardous materials waste do not throw into any water pipe. These materials end up in the oceans. Use eco-friendly washing products, these are easier to treat in water plants and cause less harm. Learn to read labels as many product’s obtention is unsustainable with the environment; like, cosmetics with shark squalene, jewelry made of coral or sea turtle shells.

Lifeguard Stand and Surfboard at Ventura Pier.

Lifeguard Stand and Surfboard at Ventura Pier.

Every action counts! As long as people get involved and make it count, it’s what matters. Learn how you also can make a difference and how your kids can help and be green.