How to Give your Patio a Spring Makeover!

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The warm afternoons are pulling people outside in Denver. Time to brush the leaves off your patio furniture and get ready for the backyard entertaining the warmer weather brings. Revampt Goods gives a few fresh ideas for your patio this spring. See how a few simple solutions can brighten up a drab space for your backyard entertaining, ready in time for the weekend!

Lightingmason jar lights

Lighting makes a huge impact in a space. Whether you have a large expansive yard with mountain views, or a tiny patio, use lighting to accentuate the best features of your area. String lights hung overhead are a great option for smaller patios.   If you have a heavily treed lot, consider hanging lanterns from sturdy branches.


Seating makes all the difference. When you walk outside to your patio, do you feel invited to come sit, or is it difficult to find a place to rest? Build a bench if you have a long wall, or use a farmhouse table if you have a large space. Use brightly colored chairs to perk up a drab space or smaller café chairs with pillows.


To add a little flair and drama to your space, and not to mention privacy, hang curtains! If you have a porch with an overhang, hang the curtains from the corners and pull back with a rope or other decorative tie. This will immediately dress up the space, and add an air of romance or charm as well!

Bar2Beverage Bar

If you would love an outdoor kitchen, but don’t have the space, try a beverage cart.  Repurpose an old dresser or check out Revampt Goods outdoor bar carts. Set your drinks on this while entertaining and it’s an instant outdoor living room!

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