How To Decorate Your Own Home, Part 1

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Revampt sketchThe Basics of Design with Revampt Goods!

There are three basic fundamental elements of design. These design principles correlate to every aspect of design, whether it is designing furniture or decorating a room. In this three part series, we give you basic design principles that can be used to design your own home! Revampt is an innovative design shop in the Cherry Creek area of Denver, hosting reclaimed, recycled, and repurposed furniture. We have learned the joy of turning something old into something new. This is basically what you do with a room as you design or decorate it. You are turning an old familiar space into something new and creative, or fresh in your perspective.

There are three basic elements that contribute to design process; function, mood and balance, we will cover one aspect of design each day.  Today, we look at how the function of a room serves in the overall design.


The function of a room determines what it will be used for.  Ask yourself what the intended purpose of the room is.   The function of a room is making it work for you. The elements involved in the function of a room are focal point, furniture and lighting.

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Some rooms have natural focal points, this would be a place the eye naturally travels to when entering a room. Fireplaces, built in bookshelves, large windows would be naturally occurring focal points. If a room does not have a natural focal point, you can create one with furniture and art.   Find the center of the room and draw an imaginary line down the middle of the floor, up the ceiling and across the other side. This imaginary line is the axis of the room. You will want to center art and furniture on the room’s axis.


Depending on the function of the room, your furniture should complement the purpose of the room. If you have a living room that is mostly used for kids playing and watching tv, you would want to have furniture that is conducive for children. The formal furniture and arrangements should be reserved for a room that is used mostly by adults and entertaining.

unique lightLighting

Lighting should be selected for function as much as visual appeal. What activities will be taking place in the room? Do you need mood lighting or a lot of light? Accent lighting, floor spots, track or recessed lighting enhance texture, color and overall aesthetics of a room.

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