How To Decorate Your Home, Part 3

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Revampt Goods gives you tips on how to balance your home!  Balance brings order and unity to your surroundings. This can be done through symmetry and furniture arrangement. Learn how you can incorporate balance into your own home today with these simple tips!Revampt chairs Denver


Balance can be described as the equal distribution of visual weight in a space. The keys to balance are symmetry. There are several different ways to achieve symmetry. You can obtain symmetry through symmetrical and asymmetrical balance and furniture arrangement.

Symmetrical Balance

This is what you find in most interiors. Symmetrical is characterized by the same visual weight on either side of the focal point of a room. If you have a fireplace, a symmetrically balanced room would have identical items on either side of the fireplace, whether bookshelves, mirrors or two side chairs.

box wallAsymmetrical Balance

Asymmetrical balance is achieved through objects that are not identical, but visually weigh the same that are placed on either side of room.  Asymmetrical balance is more casual and less contrived.  It also leads to more of a flow within a room. The trick is to balance items proportionately within a room.

Furniture Arrangement

To achieve balance in your room, draw your room on graph paper. Find the axis or focal point within the room and mark it down on the graph paper. Measure your furniture and place it on your floor plan. Keep the main furniture pieces directed towards the focal point, or the center of the room.  Keep the main traffic patterns of the room open. Balance heavy furniture either on the axis or on either side of axis point, and distribute light furniture pieces around the room.

small decorative setup


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