How To Decorate Your Home, Part 2

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Creating Ambiance In Your Home with Revampt!

There are three basic fundamental elements of design. In this three part series, we give you the three basic design principles you can use to decorate your own home!  Revampt is an innovative design shop in the Cherry Creek area of Denver hosting reclaimed, recycled, and repurposed furniture. We love turning something old into something new. Learn how you can do this in your own home with the three basic principles of design; function, mood and balance. Today, we look at how the mood of a room serves in the overall design

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The mood of a room creates the ambiance. The mood is the feeling the room evokes when you walk in. The style of furniture, the colors on the walls, the textures and patterns all contribute to the overall mood. Establishing a theme or style is the first priority. Go through magazines and choose your favorite pictures or rooms. Look at the general feel or theme in each one. Is there a common look you gravitate towards? Formal, informal, rustic or modern? Once you know your style, you can begin to choose colors and furniture that accentuate your style.Revampt products and shelving



Colors play a huge part in the mood of a room. The colors most appropriate are generally found in your favorite pieces in the room. Do you have an inspiration piece, either furniture or art that the room is centered around? If so, what are the patterns and colors in that? Generally it is best to choose three colors for a room. The dominant color is the main color used on walls and carpet. The secondary color is used on fabrics and furniture. The accent color is used sparingly to give an extra oomph or excitement to the room.

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Furniture can play into the room’s mood as well by supporting your theme. If you want to create an informal or casual feel, choose furniture that is rustic in nature. If you want a formal feel, choose more formal furniture or use slipcovers.

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