How to contribute to Earth and save money while doing it!

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Being green can help you save money by reducing your bills. Learning to incorporate some simple tips can make your share to help the Planet; and, eventually, achieve a green home or office! It’s simple, you just have to make small changes at home or your office and you’ll start noticing the results. Here is some advice that will reduce your energy usage and will contribute lower your utility bills.

At Revampt we know how important it is to be aware of your Planet’s conditions, and to be mindful of our actions. A paramount action is to reutilize and to work with resources we already have in existence. That is why we sell home products fabricated from raw materials like bicycle wheels, tires, old machinery and more. Let’s take a look at some ways to contribute with Earth, to help save and keep our resources.

Tips to Be Green and Save Money Green Your Home

Unplug electronics

People believe that because the TV or computer is off it’s no longer using up electricity, but that’s not correct. The term is “vampire” or “phantom” energy use: appliances still suck up energy that is charged into your bill. So, unplug appliances and electronics at home and the office when you’re not using them. It’s smarter to plug all your electronics to a smart power strip and switch off the whole group off.

Save water

Take shorter showers, this is essential to reduce your water bills too. Run full dishwashers whenever possible as they consume less water that hand washing your plates. Skip the the rinsing before loading, machines are capable of removing residues. Also, do full loads in the laundry department, too. Combine half-loads, choose short cycles, and switch to cold water as often as possible. Fix any drips in faucets or toilets. A dripping faucet can waste up to 74 gallons a day, a leaking toilet up to 200 gallons a day.

Less gas = less money

Look for alternative ways to get to work or to move around. Walk or bike to work to save on gas and parking costs. This will also help you improve your cardiovascular health and overall well-being. Other ways are to use public transportation, make sure to travel with others and not use the car with one person alone (carpooling). If you live far from work, try to telecommute as often as possible or move closer to work.

Lamp Hardwood end cutsThink before you buy

When looking to get new appliances look in places like Craiglist where you can find gently used second hand products. The price difference is always considerable. Also, get to know your neighbors or get appliances and power tools borrowed from relatives or friends. No need to unnecessarily buy things you will use a few times.

And if you need to buy furniture or are looking for kitchen accessories, or gifts buy recycled items or things that have been created with reused material. At Revampt Goods we have a wide selection of furniture made from refurbished wood, recycled bicycles, tires, and more.Revampt products and shelving


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Revampt Goods in Cherry Creek sells sensible, utilitarian, and affordable home furnishings made from recycled materials. Everything in this store had a previous life and has been given new utility. Our incredible home products are fabricated from the most unsuspecting raw materials; bicycle wheels, sails, tires, dilapidated machinery, and more. Check back soon for more details as we continue to hand pick these one-of-a-kind reclaimed goods!