How to Choose a Coffee Table

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Sometimes, the simplest pieces of furniture are the hardest to pick out. The coffee table is a perfect example of furniture that we all need, but choosing one can be overwhelming, sometimes near impossible, because a coffee table is so much more than a coffee table. No pressure, but the coffee table may be simple in design (it’s not, but we’ll get to that later) but its purpose is to tie every piece of furniture, art, and decor in your living room together.

Choosing a coffee table in Denver

We’ve repurposed an old car hood to create this unique coffee table for all car lovers.

A coffee table is anything but simple

Yes, a coffee table needs a flat, horizontal surface at the top, and some sort of base at the bottom, but beyond that, only your imagination will limit the design possibilities for a coffee table. There are functional aspects to consider, like the size and the height, but you also need to ask yourself, “what is the purpose of my coffee table?”

The purpose of your coffee table

The coffee table needs to serve many purposes. There’s the obvious – being able to comfortably put down a hot cup of coffee – then you need room for a few candles, magazines, and books. Your coffee table needs to provide a surface for all guests to put down a drink. If you have kids, your coffee table should be conducive to arts and craft projects, and game nights.

The size and shape of your coffee table

Think beyond solitary mornings where it’s just you and your coffee, feet slouched on the coffee table and sections of the Sunday paper scattered about. Imagine a group of friends sitting around your living room. Do you need one big coffee table to provide surface space for every seat in the living room, or will you need to break up your coffee table into a few smaller tables?

A round or oval coffee table will increase the number of people that can sit around your coffee table. A round coffee table will also break up the shape of an otherwise square living room, with furniture lining the edges. Plus, a round coffee table will give your living room more circulation, like providing a roundabout in the room to smoothly direct the flow of people.

If you go for a round coffee table, you can go big, making the table a statement piece and a focal point of your living room. A round coffee table doesn’t have to adhere to the length of your couch, but if you go for a square top coffee table, it’s important to consider the sharp, pointy corners. A square coffee table that reaches beyond the parameters of your couch or the designated seating area are accidents waiting to happen. If you want to avoid constantly bruised knees and shins, make your square coffee table slightly shorter than the length of your couch.

Surfboard coffee table

This surfboard coffee table is unique, but the round edges will create circulation and flow in a square room.

Put drinks down on your coffee table, not up

The height of your coffee table should be no higher than the height of the seats surrounding it. Remember, you put things “down” on your coffee table. A coffee table that is higher than the seat of your couch will increase the risk of bumping your drink against the edge, spilling whatever you are drinking. So, before you get a coffee table, be sure to measure the height of the furniture in your living room.

Get a custom coffee table

The coffee table is often the focal point of the living room. Take your time figuring out what type of coffee table is best for you and the purpose you need it to serve. If you have specific requirements, unique measurements, or want to find something that represents your style and aesthetic, have your coffee table custom designed; that way, you won’t have to compromise.

Unique home furniture

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