How Recycling Affects Your Community!

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Recycle Your Way To A Better Community!

Recycling and reclaiming have more than one effect on our environment. Ever wonder what that effect is? We know that we should recycle, but do we know why? If we understand the significance behind what we do, the more inclined we will be to embrace a lifestyle of recycling for ourselves and our world! Revampt Goods explains the benefits of this way of life and how it affects you!

Reduces Landfill in Your Community

The more waste that is piled in landfills, the bigger the problem becomes.  Products that are not biodegradable or slow to decompose remain in landfills for centuries. The gases emitted from the landfill sites are harmful to the environment, as well as humans. Recycling paper is an excellent way to begin keeping excess waste from landfills.

Reduces Energy Consumption

Recycling uses less energy than making the product from scratch. According to Recycling Revolution, making recycled aluminum saves 95% of the energy used to make aluminum. Recycled steel uses 60% less energy, recycled newspaper uses 40% less energy.  Think of the energy you save in one day using recycled goods!

Decreases Pollution in Denver

When waste builds up in landfills, it emits gases as it rots. This gas pollutes the environment. If you have ever passed a landfill in warm weather, you would have smelled the gases. By reducing the landfill waste, the pollution is reduced as well. When recycling, the carbon released is considerably less, also reducing carbon footprint of each product.

Recycling Saves Your Environment

This one hits close to home for Denverites, especially nature enthusiasts. With every ton of recycled paper, 17 trees are saved as well as 450 gallons of oil and 7 gallons of water. Every ton of plastic that is recycled saves the equivalent energy of 1,000 to 2,000 of gasoline.

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