Handcrafted Wooden Birdhouses for a Bird-Friendly Winter Garden

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When winter rolls around in Colorado, the landscape changes and so does the wildlife. You may think that all birds fly south for the winter, but some do stick around. Make your garden bird-friendly by hanging reclaimed birdhouses in it.

Handcrafted bird house

Give winter birds a safe place to keep warm in the winter.

Birds Need a Safe Place to Rest

In the Spring, birds need a safe place to nest. In the winter, they need a safe place to rest. During the coldest season, there is a shortage of safe places for birds. The trees are bare, and birds are more exposed to predators. Make your garden a haven for winter birds with our unique birdhouses made from reclaimed wood.

Handcrafted Birdhouses

Winter birds need a place to feel safe and warm. They also need a place to perch. Some birds like to share their house, so don’t be afraid to get a big birdhouse so that more of them can fit inside. Birds love to be social, plus, more birds in the house will help keep them all warm on winter nights.

Where to Place Your Birdhouse

Handcrafted bird house

Decorative birdhouses will keep winter birds safe and give your garden some personality.

When finding a spot for your handcrafted birdhouse, make sure you select a place that will protect the birds from predators. If you have cats in the home, see that it is located somewhere where the cat can’t reach.

You also want to make sure that it is sheltered from the wind. Even though the entrance hole may seem small, you don’t want your birdhouse to get blown away. Also, generally speaking, a south facing shelter will receive the most heat from the winter sun.

Reclaimed Birdhouses

We’ve got beautiful and unique handcrafted birdhouses made from reclaimed materials. They are perfect for small birds, and will also add a decorative effect to your garden.

You can vary the size of the birdhouses to allow birds of various sizes to find a home in your garden. And, if we don’t have exactly what you’re looking for, talk to us about customizing a birdhouse specifically for you and your garden birds.