Green ideas to wrap your Christmas presents

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This year, celebrate Christmas in a more conscious and in a greener way. Choose to buy things your loved ones really need, and buy things that were created using existing materials. At Revampt you can find home furniture, jewelry, accessories, and unique gifts that were made with recycled sources.

You can also wrap your presents using materials that you have at home. Instead of buying Christmas gift wrap paper, choose to be different and use things you have at home. Today, we share with you some great ideas to wrap and decorate your Christmas gifts with recycled materials.

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Recycled Christmas Wrapping and Decoration

Materials to wrap gifts

The easiest material to find at home to wrap your gifts is newspaper. This versatile material allows you to wrap all your gifts and more. You won’t run out of it. You can choose to wrap around your gift or make “candy shaped” wrapping. To do this, place your gift in the middle of a large sheet of newspaper and fold the paper in a way you make a tube, then twist both ends and tie with string or use transparent tape. Other materials you can find at home to wrap your gifts are: magazines, old gift bags, old book pages (if the book is too outdated to be donated only!), paper bags, calendars, maps, and recycled gift wrap, of course.

Another material to use to wrap your gifts is fabric. In Japan, fabric wrapping called “furoshiki“, is an art form that has prevailed for centuries. Look for pillow cases, sheets, tableclothes, old drapes or even socks. Cut it open if needed, and knot it, pin it or tie it with a ribbon.

Decorate your Christmas gift wrapping

When wrapping your gifts with newspaper, it provides you many ways to decorate it. You can paint it, wrap strings or ribbons around it, or just glue glitter or any other decorations to it. Add a unique element to your wrapping to make it pop-up. You can use buttons, feathers, leaves, small toys, flower, old ornaments, a nice postcard or old Christmas card cut outs.

Christmas magic at Revampt

Wrap your gifts in an original and green style this Christmas! Use existing materials to contribute with our Planet and reduce the amount of waste we create. Read more about Holiday Events to Enjoy in Denver  and our 12 Day of Conscious Christmas Promotion.