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If you love beauty, the most difficult assignment is finding your own personal style.  Living in Denver, one is easily exposed to the arts and design, not to mention the beauty that surrounds.  Appreciating beauty comes easy, but finding your own personal expression of beauty can be more difficult.  Knowing your style helps you decorate your home with confidence and find the right pieces to accessorize your home!  Revampt Goods offers a tutorial in today’s post in finding your style!  Learn how you can express individuality in your home design and décor with these simple questions!

What Colors Do You Gravitate Towards? paint

Muted Earthy Colors: mossy green and taupe greys- rustic naturalist

Rich Opulent Colors: reds and jewel tones with gold- old world formal

Whites and Light, Airy Colors: whites, beige and light greys- modern traditional

Vibrant Bright Colors: yellows, bright blue, orange- funky eclectic

Where Would You Most Likely Spend A Free Day?

The mountains, anywhere in nature- rustic naturalist

A museum, or someplace expensive- old world formal

A coffee shop with great atmosphere, or a bookstore- modern traditional

Doesn’t matter where, as long as I am with friends and having fun- funky eclectic

How Would You Want To Feel When You Come Home?

Comfortable and warm, cozy- rustic naturalist

Formal, Structured and Opulent- old world formal

Stylized with beauty yet appropriately inviting- modern traditional

I’m about to have a party, everything is a carnival for the eye- funky eclectic

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Find Your Style!

Based on your answers above, which one did you get the most?  If there is a mixture of several, that’s great!  That means you are individualized and prefer a mix of both.  This makes your home unique and different from the masses!  Choose pieces in either of those categories that you love.  If you love the feel of modern, yet appreciate the beauty of classic architecture, then you would be a modern traditionalist.  Combine both modern and vintage furniture pieces to your home.  A clean pallete of warm white or grey walls would be a perfect backdrop for your eclectic mix.  Have fun and always stay true to what YOU love, not what you think it ‘should’ look like!

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