What Can You Do to Fight Climate Change?

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We cannot rely on others to protect the planet. It is up to every citizen to do their part to combat climate change at home. So, while the government is working to roll back environmental regulations, what can you do to make sure our planet isn’t doomed?

Fighting climate change at home

A lamp made from recycled materials fitted with a low-energy light bulb will significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

Saving the planet begins at home

We, the people, can change the world. Laws and regulations are important to help protect the planet, but we have tremendous power as consumers to hold companies responsible for their environmental practices. The old saying “think globally, act locally” is still the cornerstone of fighting climate change. What you do at locally, at home, will have a global impact on climate change.

Let there be light

If you can change all bulbs in your home to energy-efficient light bulbs, you’ll make a big impact on the planet. Energy-efficient light bulbs generate less heat, use less energy, and last a lot longer. They may cost a little more, but when it comes to stopping climate change, you have to think about the long-term impacts. What you spend on energy-efficient bulbs now will have an economic and environmental upside in the long run.

Everyone’s gotta eat

Replace appliances with energy-efficient appliances. If you can’t do it all in one fell swoop, choose the appliance that you use the most. Remember, every little bit counts.

Keep cool

Heating and cooling are one of our biggest home expenses. With proper insulation and regular maintenance of your HVAC system, you will be able to reduce your energy consumption while still being comfortable in your home.

Sustainable products at Denver boutique

Rocking headphones made from reclaimed materials is a great way to raise awareness about global warming.

Say it loud, say it proud

We need to keep talking about climate change and what we can do to protect our planet. Share knowledge on reducing your carbon footprint in your home and encourage friends, family, and neighbors to do their part to fight global warming.

Buy local reclaimed furniture

At Revampt, we put sustainability front and center. We have taken recycling to the next level, using reclaimed materials and repurposing them to create unique and environmentally friendly furnishings for the home. By reusing materials, we reduce our carbon footprint.

Shopping at a local sustainable furniture boutique will also reduce your carbon footprint in your home.