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June has some offbeat celebrations like National Donut Day, World Juggling Day and Take your Dog to Work Day. Plus, for most places in the world, it is best known for Father’s Day Celebration! This celebration takes place on the third Sunday of June. Even though not every country celebrates it on the same date, over 70 other countries share this same celebration date. Today we want to share with you some of the history behind this special celebration and some great gift ideas your dad will love!


History of Father’s Day 

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Mother’s Day was appointed a national holiday before Father’s Day was. It was Mother’s Day that actually served as an inspiration to start observing Father’s Day too. Mother’s Day was officially recognized as a holiday in 1914, by President Woodrow Wilson. It had its origins and observances in the peace-and-reconciliation campaigns after Civil War, as early as 1870.

Father’s Day had its first observance based on the consequences of a specific event that took place in Fairmont, West Virginia, in 1907. The Monongah mining disaster has been described as “the worst mining disaster in American History”. A deadly explosion killed 361 men, 250 of them fathers. A one-time commemoration sermon took place on Sunday to pay honor to the fathers that passed away. It was later in 1910, that one of the actual first Father’s Day celebration took place. In Spokane, Washington, Sonoma Smart Dodd, the daughter of a civil war veteran, who raised 6 children as a single parent, wanted to follow the step of Anna Jarvis, the woman who fought for Mother’s Day celebration. Similar to Mother’s Day, the origins of these celebrations were held by pastors in their Church; so, on June 19, 1910, the first Father’s Day sermons took place in different cities. Again, President Woodrow Wilson was one of the first to celebrate and acknowledge this day in 1916; but, it was until 1972 that President Richard Nixon finally signed it into law.


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