Fall is the best season to enjoy Trees Foliage

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One of the perks of living in Colorado, is you get to enjoy wonderful trees that grow in city parks, national parks and many places around the state. All year round, we enjoy the views of green, flowers and changing colors. And this is just the best time of the year to enjoy one of nature’s most beautiful phenomenon: peak fall foliage!

Fall officially starts on September 21st, and with it come the many changes of colors and foliage in trees. The bright green color of our trees will start to turn into reds, oranges, and golds, which is the characteristic color of the state’s signature Aspen trees. Today, we share with you essential information on the best places to go see these magnificent colors and also how to track these changes so you don’t miss any of the beauty this fall.

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Best Scenic Drives to see Colorado fall foliage

Trail Ridge Road

More than 8 miles above 11,000 feet with a maximum elevation of 12, 183 feet make the Trail Ridge Road the highest continuous paved road in North America. It extends through the Rocky Mountain National Park and provides great spots to take pictures.

Kebler Pass

Known as one of the favorite spots for photographers, Kebler Pass boasts the largest aspen grove in North America. You’ll be able to admire unique landscapes, such as the abandoned site of Castleton and the spires of “The Castles”, which are remnants of volcanic ash erupted from the West Elk Volcano over 30 million years ago.

The San Juan Skyway

This 236-mile road loops through the San Juan Mountains of Southwest Colorado. You can enjoy the fall colors including 70 miles of what is known as the Million Dollar Highway. You can also enjoy the colors of the trees by sliding through a zip line, at Soaring Tree Top Adventures which offers you the largest zip line course in the world!

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Maroon Bells

These two 14,000-foot mountains, located in White River National Forest, are the most photographed peaks in North America. The area offers numerous hiking trails that offer some of the best views of golden aspen trees. You can get there by car or also take the bus, but only on weekends through early October.

How to Track Fall Foliage in the country

Follow foliage peaks and where to enjoy these in other parts of the country with this easy-to-use Weather Channel map. The Weather Channel estimates that peak colors occur between late September and early October in most of Colorado. So track this Fall’s Foliage and don’t miss out on nature’s beloved colors! Read about how to make a beautiful wreath with natural flowers or seeds, get inspired with fall’s colors and decorate your home.