Fall DIY Decorating Projects for Thanksgiving

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The pumpkin spiced latte’s are out, the holiday decorations are going up!  Thanksgiving is just a week away- see what you can do to add a bit of holiday craftiness to your home. If you think you don’t have time to create festive Thanksgiving decor, check out today’s post with Revampt Goods in Denver!  Revampt Goods provides a unique perspective to home décor with recycled and repurposed gifts and goods. Today we give you a few ways you can upcycle and repurpose Thanksgiving décor in your home!

Fall Wreath autumn wreath

The best part of this project is the foraging- get outside and go for a walk! Denver’s leaves are most vibrant now, most of them having already fallen so you won’t need to reach very high!  Collect various sizes and colors of leaves. Washington Park, or any tree lined street in Denver will have a myriad of choices to choose from! Once home, obtain a piece of stiff cardboard and cut into a square. Cut the middle out, so you have what looks like a picture frame. Begin to carefully glue the leaves onto the frame. Disperse a few tiny pinecones or berry’s for more texture. Layer the leaves and glue around the edges, so the leaves are hiding the cardboard, but not in a uniform fashion. Hang a ribbon from the top and display on a mirror or your front door!

Metallic Pinecones

These beauties can be used in wreathes, as place settings to hold names for seating arrangements for a holiday meal, or set in a bowl for décor!  Gather some pinecones on your next hike.  Purchase Krylon Metallic Copper spray paint, or any other metallic gold spray paint. Turn the pinecones upside down, with small, pointy end towards the ground, wide end up.  Spray the underside.  For an alternate look, take a piece of paper and wrap the bottom, being careful to slide paper horizontally into the center of the pinecone about 1/3 from the top.  Spray the top of the pine cone gold, leaving the bottom natural- this will give it the ‘dipped’ illusion. If using as decoration for the season, whether in a wreath or on your tree, or in a bowl on a side table, scent them!  You can easily scent pinecones by taking elmers white glue and painting the edges of the pinecone with glue. Mix your favorite spices together, such as cinnamon and cloves with ginger, and sprinkle over the pinecone. Tap off excess spice. Enjoy!

 festive pinecone metallic

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