Express Your Personal Style with Cool Accessories

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One of the simplest ways to express your personal style and your personality is through accessories. The right accessories can take a pair of jeans and a T-shirt and make them more interesting. When you accessorize, you want to bring out the unique sides of yourself. At Revampt, we’ve got one-of-a-kind reclaimed accessories for personal expression.

Reclaimed jewelry in Denver

We’ve got delicate and elegant jewelry made from repurposed guitar strings.

What accessories can say about your personality

How we accessorize will say a lot about our personalities. Are you bold and daring, rocking big statement necklaces and costume jewelry? Or, are you more composed and elegant and drawn to more simple and subtle accessories? Or, are you fun and funky, unafraid to mix colors and patterns and materials to show off your creative side? Whatever your personality, Revampt has great accessories to help bring out the things that make you unique.

Unique reclaimed accessories

Everything at Revampt is repurposed from the most unusual materials. Because we design based on the reclaimed materials that we have access to, everything is one-of-a-kind. These are exactly the kinds of accessories that will help enhance your style and show off your personality.

Bangles made from broken skateboards

Reclaimed accesories Denver

Bracelets and bangles made from Canadian maple wood reclaimed from broken skateboards.

A broken skateboard may have seen its last days at the skate park, but that doesn’t mean that it should get thrown in the trash. We never see trash; we only see treasure. Our designers took old, broken skateboards and repurposed the Canadian maple wood to create super cool and fashionable bangles.

Eco-friendly jewelry

We’ve created beautiful necklaces, earrings, and bracelets from the most unsuspecting materials. All the material has been reclaimed or sustainably sourced. We love to take materials that we may associate with one thing, and then flipping it on its head, like making delicate and sophisticated jewelry out of cold, hard, concrete and old Corian countertops, or using old guitar strings to create a whole line of guitar string jewelry. How about sourcing renewable fibers from artisan communities in developing countries to create eco-resin jewelry? The resin is made up of recycled content from Chinese prayer leaves, Himalayan banana fibers, pressed flowers, and seaweed.

Sustainable jewelry in Denver

Cool jewelry made from lightweight recycled concrete.

Sustainable accessories in Denver

There is no such thing as waste, just wasted opportunity. We use local artists to turn trash into treasure. Come check out our unique sustainable accessories. No matter your personality or your style, environmentalism is the biggest fashion statement.