Environmental don’ts: your actions count!

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Living in a consciously green way involves changing life habits to make sure our every action counts. We’ve grown used to many daily habits and ways that facilitate our lifestyle but are detrimental to our Planet. Recycling, reusing and reducing are essential to practice at home, school and the office. At Revampt we care for our planet and by working hand-in-hand with local artists to offer a wide variety of environmentally friendly products. Today, we would like to share with you some things we should avoid doing if we want to contribute to our Planet.

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Environmental dont’s to stop doing

Save water: close that tap!

The first place is the shower. Make sure to use your time in there wisely. We can easily use up to 10 liters per minute, making that 100 liters in just 10 minutes. Shut the water when soaping and shampooing. Remember to close the tap when brushing your teeth and doing the dishes. Also, wash your car with a bucket and not as often as you would like. Every drop counts!

Lower your bills: turn off the lights and unplug appliances

Turn off any lights you’re not using. This is one of the easiest ways to waste electricity. Also, unplug all appliances you’re not using. This type of energy waste is called vampire power or leaking electricity. Your plugged appliances even though turned off, still consume electricity. Remember to set a timer to the water heater, this is one of the most power consuming sources.

Sort waste: don’t throw away everything _33T9507

If it’s just a little old or beat up but still works, donate it or give it to someone who might use it. Separate your waste to recycle, and learn how to recycle. Buy only when it’s really necessary.

Close windows during winter

Check the windowsills for drafts and don’t let the cold air during winter. It takes more electricity to heat up a room that is colder.

Don’t buy unconsciously, read labels!

Learn to buy items made with eco-friendly materials and with as little toxic ingredients as possible. We have to remember that we control what we eat and put in our skin and hair. Do some research and buy the best make-up, beauty items with less bad stuff, it’s all for our own good. Also, avoid buying plastic and things that come with a lot of packaging.

Every little action counts, and it’s paramount we do it now. Do your share and lead by example. Read more about how your kids can be green and where to eat organic in Colorado.