DYI Christmas Decoration with Recycled Material

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Christmas season is here! It’s the loveliest season of all, many say. And along come the lights, Christmas trees, and so much decoration. Unfortunately, it’s the time of the year when people buy the most and don’t measure how much is really needed. One of the things that are discarded the most are Christmas decorations. Most Christmas decorations are made of plastic and other materials that are hard to recycle. Instead of creating more waste, reuse old Christmas decoration – seriously, nobody will care if you repeat the same decor year after year. And if you’re feeling crafty and want to add a twist to your decor, today we share with you some DYI Christmas decor that you can do with recycled material and things you find at home.

Cherry Creek Christmas ideas

Recycled Christmas Decoration Ideas

Christmas Card Banner

It’s hard to throw away those loving season’s greetings cards from friends and family. So, take them out of the drawer and use them to embellish your home. It’s very simple, all you have to do is get a nice ribbon or string and hang your postcards using wooden clothes pins. You can also cut them out, in different shapes, and glue them to another cardboard and decorate them a little more before hanging them.

Tree Ornaments with recycled material

There are many nice ideas to create tree ornaments using recycled material. You can get transparent ornaments or use old ones that have lost its color or decoration and upcycle them. One idea is to use old CDs, break them into little pieces and glue them to the ornament, these will make your tree shine even brighter. You can use old light bulbs and paint them as a reindeer or other animals and hang them in the tree. Anything can be used as a Christmas tree ornament: old steampunk gears, decorated wine works, balls of yarn, bottle caps, buttons, add green and red glitter and we’re done!

Unique Christmas source: Wine corks

Wine corks are very versatile, and can be used to create many beautiful things. You can pin corks in circles to make a unique wreath for the kitchen door. Use corks to create reindeers, use one corks for the head and another one for the body. Pin them together with tree branches, and add a couple more for the antlers.

Christmas one of a kind gifts in Cherry Creek

Decorate your home in a greener way, remember to reuse before you buy again. Read more about the Importance of Recycling in Colorado and how some items made from recycled material can revolutionize lives.