DIY Ideas to Repurpose Plastic Bottles

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As we state very often in our posts, there are many items of daily use that we can easily reutilize and repurpose. One particular such item is the plastic bottle. The fact that virtually all liquids we use on a daily basis come in plastic bottles make them special. It is alarming that in the US alone, we consume 1500 plastic water bottles EVERY SECOND! It is paramount to remember that even in its simplest form, everyday common plastic will never biodegrade.

At Revampt, we know how important it is to reutilize and to work with resources we already have in existence. That is why we sell home products fabricated from raw materials like bicycle wheels, tires, old machinery and more. Let’s take a look at some ways to usefully repurpose plastic bottles.

plastic bottle as BIRD FEEDER

DIY Plastic Bottle Practical Ideas

Planters  Plastic Bottle for spare change

There are several ways to use bottles as planters. One way is to cut it in half and then use the top neck section as your dirt and plant section and the bottom part as a water source. So, flip around the bottleneck, cover the mouth with permeable fabric, tight it with a rubber band and then add the dirt and plant in. Add some water to the bottom section and place the top section with the plant in. Voila! A self-watering planter!

Bird Feeder

Making a bird feeder is simple and will get your garden rich with singing! The idea is to poke holes across the bottle so that you can insert two wooden spoons or some chopsticks. These will serve as standing aids for the birds and also will help for the food to stay in place. Make sure to secure one of the ends of the sticks with glue and open the hole enough on the other end for birds to feed. Fill the bottle with bird seeds, and close the cap. Hang the bottle from a tree and enjoy the view!

AIR TIGHT BAG SEALERAirtight bag sealer

Cut the bottle’s top neck section and then just simply push the bag through the severed bottleneck. Fold the bag down over the opening and then twist the lid or cap back on.

Toddler toy

Toddlers can play and entertain themselves with virtually anything that catches their attention. In a small bottle, add in water, buttons, sequins, small toys or anything that is shakeable. Twist the cap hard so they don’t open it. This way they’ll shake the bottle and see the objects float, sink and swirl!

We constantly share DIY projects to learn how to reuse. Stay tuned for ways to using more home and every day use items!

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