3 DIY Ideas For Spring Garden Planters!

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It’s one of the trendiest ways to present your garden this spring, with unique, one-of-a-kind planters! With spring reigning in Denver, it’s time to turn a little attention to the outdoors. Revampt Goods gives a DIY project for building your own planters, all from reclaimed objects! Green thumb or not, make your own tree root stump planter, chandelier planter or something you created yourself for your home garden!

Tree Root PlanterDIY Stump Planter from Revampt

Find a tree root stump or even a log. Chisel away the middle of the stump or log, until a hole is carved out. Be sure it is deep enough to fill with dirt for flowers to be planted. Leave a minimum of 2- 3 inches around the perimeter of the log. Plant flowers of your choice! If you aren’t so much of a green thumb, opt for succulents, which are harder to kill!


Hanging Chandelier Planters

Use old ceiling chandeliers for your garden as a hanging planter. Find one that has arms with up lights, where the bulb would be sitting upright. If there is a natural cup, use the chandelier as is. If there is no natural cup, buy sconce shades that fit around where the bulb would originally go. This is where you will plant your flowers or greenery. Spray paint chandelier in a bright color if you would like to add a little color!

Tea Cup Garden

For instant charm, take old tea cups and plant herbs or flowers in it to display around your garden. Unique china can be found at Goodwill, or use chipped ones from your own collection! With these beauties, you can set these inside as well as out!

Revampt DIY ideas

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