Decorate Your Dormroom With Recycled Accessories

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Dorm room decorations in Denver

Bike gears turned desk clocks. We love turning trash into usable art!

You know what’s cool about a dorm room? Nothing! A dorm room is perhaps the most boring and generic place ever. But, college is about finding yourself and becoming the person you are meant to be, so don’t settle for an uninspiring dorm room where your personality can’t flourish. Give it some charisma by decorating it with unique, recycled, and affordable accessories.

College is a tough time. You are trying to stand out and blend in all at the same time. A few simple accessories in your dorm room can give you an instant “cool factor,” because nothing is cooler that unique style and environmental responsibility. No one likes waste and Revampt knows how to take one person’s trash and turn it into a one-of-a-kind treasure.

We’ve got a few accessories made from recycled materials that can make a lifeless dorm room come alive.

Recycled bike gear desk clock

We’ve taken abandoned bicycle gears and recycled them into a cool desk clock. It’ll make your tiny dorm desk a little more interesting. And, you’ll get to class on time. It’s harder than you think when you don’t have your mom shaking you out of bed every morning.

Repurposed accessories and decorations in Denver

Impress your new roommates with a retro, repurposed vinyl record wall clock.

Repurposed vinyl clock

It’s a shame to see old vinyl records go to waste, so we repurposed them into retro wall clocks. When it comes to personal style, there are no rules. Go ahead and get both a desk clock and wall clock for your dorm room.

Recycled cotton throws

You need to add a little comfort to a dull dorm room. These recycled cotton throws are perfect for snuggling up and getting your reading done, or hiding under when you need a moment to yourself.

The cotton for these throws were all headed for the dump until we picked them up, sorted each thread and put them back together in new and exciting patterns and colors. No two throws are the same.

Recycled accessories in Denver

From the dumpster to the dorm room. These recycled cotton throws are beautiful, soft, and perfect for every college student.

Recycled accessories in Denver

Revampt sells sensible, utilitarian, and affordable home furnishings made from recycled materials. Everything in this store had a previous life and are given new utility. Besides being super cool, they are also great conversation starters for when you meet your new roommates.

Stop by and pick up a few unique accessories you can feel good about owning.


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