De-stress and Upcycle Your Holiday!

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How To Have a Stress Free Holiday With Revampt Goods!

Revampt Goods in Cherry Creek is in the heart of shopping mecca for Denver.  We are greatly anticipating the holidays; shopping, family reunions, traveling, shopping, cozy winter weather and have we mentioned shopping?  Although, some of these elements alone are stressful, find out how you can upcycle your holiday!  Take some raw and sometimes messy elements and transform it into something beautiful!  In todays post, we give a few tips and reminders to transform the difficult or tiring holiday events into something special!

Take It Easy!

Don’t overcommit this holiday season!  We know this is the most festive time of year, but to keep it festive, take care of yourself.  Life can be stressful enough without the obligations and expectations of holiday parties and events.  Prioritize the important gatherings, such as family and close friends.  Rest throughout the others, do something that revives you!

It’s All About the LoveChristmas heart.

Tis the reason for the season!  As cliché as this may sound, it’s love that will keep your heart and mind in check this holiday.  Focusing on those you love instead of tasks will make the ‘obligations’ much less burdensome.   When you begin to feel stressed, immediately think of someone else and how you can help them this holiday.  It will bring the joy and peace we are all singing about this season!  Find a soup kitchen or a shelter to volunteer at.  Bring gifts to children in need, do something to focus on others which will in turn bring the most joy back to you!


It has been scientifically proven that physiological changes occur in your body when you laugh!  So release the laughter, even fake smiles will do.  Endorphines are released when you smile and laugh, this is the chemical in the brain that makes one feel happy and relaxed.  This hormone also reduces pain and lowers cortisol, the hormone released when stressed.  So start laughing!

The giftWrite It Down

Science has shown evidence of emotional growth and added health benefits of having a grateful attitude!  Take this season to write down 3 things you are thankful for each day.  This will quickly eliminate negative emotions, decrease stress and help change perspective within minutes!

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