Picking the Right Repurposed Dining Table

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Nothing brings people together like good food and good wine, but first, you need the right dining room table. Picking out the right dining room table can be harder than one might think. Shape, space, and personal style should all be taken into account.

First of all, you need to measure the area where the dining room table will be. Maybe you’re lucky enough to have a dining room or a huge, open space kitchen that leads to a dining area. Sometimes, we have to be strategic and creative when we are trying to stake out a space for our dining room table.

Leave enough room around the table

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Having enough room for guests to walk comfortably around the table, as well as being able to pull out their chairs without banging into the wall or other furniture, is important. Sometimes, measuring doesn’t give you the right impression, so grab a piece of fabric or some cardboard boxes that have been broken down and can lay flat on the ground. You can also use tape to outline a dining room table. There are a million ways you can do this. Next, grab a chair and do a little play-acting. We’re not saying that you need to bring out your stuffed animals and have a tea party, but the best way to figure out the size and shape of your table is to act out a mock dinner party. Y’know, now that we’re thinking about it, that stuffed animal tea party idea sounds like fun… but back to reality!

Lay your material down into the shape you think best fits your desired dining room table. Then, grab your chair and move around with it, making sure you don’t step on the sheet or have a difficult time moving around.

Leave enough room for tableware

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If you have options for where to place your dining room table, think about how many people you would ideally like to fit around the table. Make sure that the width and the length of the table will allow for all of the table settings, as well as a few decorations, candles, centerpieces, and of course, the food.

Leave enough room to eat

Be sure not to overcrowd your table, especially if you have a few southpaws in at the dinner table. There’s nothing worse than banging elbows with your tablemate while trying to cut your meat. It’s like fighting over the armrest while flying coach. Treat your dinner guest to first class and let them stretch out a little.

Round tables for small spaces

If you are cursed with little space, you’ll just have to host small, intimate dinner parties, or get into cocktails and appetizers. However, a round dining room table is a great solution for tiny spaces. Plus, there aren’t any sharp edges to bump into when you invite too many people over.

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