Create Your Own Custom Holiday Gift Box

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See how you can create custom gifts for those on your list that seem to have everything.  We all have a few on our list we dread purchasing gifts for.  Either they have everything, or just the regular retail store unoriginal-boxed gift doesn’t seem to cut it.  Revampt Goods shows how to think outside the box, literally, on this one!  The idea of creating a custom gift box sends the message that you know the receiver personally, that you didn’t just purchase a ‘gift in a box’.  Check out these ideas and get inspired to create your own!

For The Cookrevampt products

For the person that loves to cook, create a crate with unique kitchen essential items.  Include a new cookbook, Pioneer Woman or Gwyneth Paltrow’s latest are popular choices.  If the cook has young children, include an age appropriate activity for the child to be entertained with while the cook is busy.  Also, consider including a beverage of choice for sipping on and an essential kitchen item, such as an herb grow bottle, or wooden serving bowl.  If your cook is more into hostessing, consider monogrammed linen napkins or a granite serving slab.

Revampt product1A Man Cave Gift Box

For the man who loves his afternoon drinks, think about the preferred drink of choice, bourbon and coke or Jack and ginger, etc… Create a box with those items and include a few specialty items.  Unique glasses, such as our Rolling Rock Glasses, decanter, or a cocktail shaker are a few ideas.  A manly bottle opener or bar tray would also be thoughtful!  If he likes cigars, throw in a few as well for the perfect ‘man cave’ gift box.

 Teacher’s Pet

For the person who teaches or is around children, put together a basket with some essentials.  Consider cold season, favorite way to relax, music of choice to start with.  Throw in some vitamin C, local honey, a gift card to book store or a new novel,  itunes gift card, or maybe a nice pair of headphones for some peace and quiet!

 Come See What’s New at Revampt Goods To Create Your Own Gift Box!

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