Create A New Family Thanksgiving Tradition of Giving Thanks

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Give thanks

Revampt Goods wishes you a happy Thanksgiving!  Amidst the turkey, dressing and pumpkin pie, don’t forget to give thanks in acknowledgement for our blessings!  The first Thanksgiving was a day set aside solely for giving thanks.  Lets not forget to do the same this holiday season.  Below are a few ways to incorporate giving thanks in your family traditions.

Give ThanksThankful Thanksgiving Table

This is a great way to show gratitude and everyone can be involved!  For your table, have a white tablecloth and use felt pens to write what you are thankful for.  Put newspaper under the tablecloth to be sure the pen won’t bleed through.  Have every person start with the phrase, ‘I am thankful for…’.  Even the kids can get in on this one!

Verbalize It!

Have everyone at the table go around and verbalize one thing they are greatful for.   Keep it going, no one can repeat or copy someone else and see how long you can keep it going!  The winner receives the first piece of pumpkin pie!

Gratitude Garlandautumn wreath

Have your kids trace or draw leaf shapes onto different fall colored construction paper, then cut them out.  Place the leaves in a basket with markers.  Have each person write one thing they are thankful for on a leaf.  The more leaves the better!  With each guest that comes, have them write the same.  Before the meal, use binder clips or mini clothespins to hang them on a piece of twine.

Guess Who’s Thankful

Have a jar with a label on the front that reads, ‘Jar of Thanks’.  Have strips of paper and pens placed inside.  Place on a counter in a common area, or next to the appetizers.  Encourage each guest to write a few entries for things they are greatful for and place inside the jar.  At dinner, or dessert, have each guest read one and guess who wrote it!

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