Choosing a Statement Piece For Your Home

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Finding statement piece for the home

Choose one or two unique pieces so that they stand out. Too many unique pieces will ruin the effect.
Photo: maple boxcar adjustable stools.

It’s too easy to get furniture that looks like everyone else’s. We follow the same trends, read the same blogs, and shop in the same stores. We’ve all fallen into the Crate & Barrel or IKEA trap, where we find everything we need in one place and before we know it we’ve created a home straight out of a catalog. Everywhere you go, you run into the same furniture over and over. At Revampt, we’ve only got unique, custom made furniture. Even if you and all of your friends shop at our boutique, you’ll all end up with unique pieces that define your personal style and no one else’s.

Furniture that stands out

Even if we shop in many different places, we sometimes make the mistake of making everything match. A home that is too matchy-matchy becomes can become a little boring, static, and lifeless. Adding a few statement pieces can bring much-needed life to a home that has become too cohesive. However, don’t overdo your eclectic statement pieces. One or two pieces are more than enough to break up the monotony. If there are too many special pieces in your home, each piece becomes less special. It’s like that one eclectic friend you have that always stands out among the jeans and the T-shirts until they go to Coachella or Bonnaroo, and all of a sudden, they don’t stand out so much. Be careful that you don’t turn your home into one big hipster music festival where everything and nothing is special.

Cohesive, but opposite

Unique furniture boutique in Denver

Maybe that piece you’ve been looking for isn’t even for you, but for your best friend.

When you’re looking for a statement piece or a few statement pieces, look for something that is the complete opposite of what you already have. It may feel like you are going too far in the opposite direction, getting too creative and unique, but it is this intense juxtaposition that makes that one piece so refreshing. It is the unexpected that will add a pop of life to your home.

However, even though it is opposite, it still needs to look attractive so that you can match a few little details to a few other places in your home. If the piece you fall in love with doesn’t jive with any other element in your home, you can easily add a few small pieces and accessories that will make the piece fall into place.

Unique furniture and home accessories

Revampt sells sensible, utilitarian, and affordable home furnishings made from recycled materials. Everything in this store had a previous life and had been given new utility. Find the statement piece you’ve been looking for to express your personal style. If you can’t find the perfect piece to complete your home, we can custom design a piece specifically to meet your vision and style.