Carbon Farming Could Halt Rising CO2 Levels

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Global warming is real!

A new potential solution to global warming has just been presented by a duo of German researchers: carbon farming!

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Carbon farming can halt rising levels of CO2

Atmospheric CO2 levels are higher today than they were during the ice, and they are higher than they were during the warmest periods recorded in time. So far, many efforts have been put into reducing the amount of CO2 emissions and finding alternative sources of energy, but what if there was such a thing as a carbon farm that removed CO2 already in the atmosphere? Think that sounds nuts? Well, you’re right!

Think globally, act locally

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The Barbados nut could be the Bruce Willis of plants, but instead of sending it into space to destroy an asteroid, we’re going to plant millions of hectares in desert areas to combat local effects of global warming and save our planet. The two researchers, Klaus Becker and Volker Wulfmeyer, suggest that the Barbados nut, uniquely suited to grow in inhospitable environments, could decreasing the temperature and increasing precipitation. If we do that enough times over, all over the world, all the local effects join hands in creating a global solution to global warming.

Some experts are skeptical that the Barbados nut will grow as well as we think in hot, dry areas, but it’s worth a try, and more research.

Carbon farming in a nutshell

If this works, all we have to do is assign 730 million hectares of land across the globe to carbon farming, and we can theoretically halt our rising CO2 emission levels.

Go nuts, we say!

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