Bring Out the Personality of Your Home with Accent Pieces

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A great accent piece in the home will complement your existing decor, but also add a little surprise and flavor to the room. Accent pieces help enhance your interior design and bring out a little more of your personality. They are fun, unique, and a simple way to make the room feel more vibrant and interesting.

Accent pieces in Denver

These barn doors are a great accent piece for the home.

Accent pieces don’t need to be functional

The best part about accent pieces is that they don’t need to serve a specific purpose. The purpose of an accent piece is to be interesting to the eye, to add color, or simply to serve as a decorative piece. That doesn’t mean that they can’t also be useful. A tiny table in the corner of the room may not be great for dinner parties, but it can certainly hold a cup of coffee. You may never place a cup on the table, keeping it strictly decorative, but if you want it to be multi-functional, then that is up to you. That’s the great thing about accent pieces; their purpose is to serve your imagination and help you emphasize your personal style.

Using unconventional materials

Unconventional decorative accent pieces.

Find accent pieces made from unconventional and eco-friendly materials.

The best accent pieces are those that will delight and surprise anyone who visits your home. An accent piece should spark conversation, and accent pieces that use unconventional materials are a great conversation starter. When unconventional materials are used, the shapes and the colors are often unconventional as well, so be strategic when you choose accent pieces. Too many can make the room feel distorted and messy, but a few pieces that break up the norm of conventional furniture and materials is a great way to create some excitement.

Unique accent pieces and accessories

We love to design and create accent pieces for the home. Our furniture boutique is filled with accent pieces made from reclaimed and unconventional materials to add character and fun to any room in the home. Some accent pieces can also be functional, as well as decorative, but they are all one-of-a kind. Stop by our shop to pick out some unique pieces of furniture or accessories for your home.