Behind the Scenes with Fin Art

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It is not often that Revampt patrons get a behind the scenes look at how our pieces come to be. In a new blog series, we will offer a periodic backstage pass to a featured artist’s work space. First stop, Fin Art!

finart vw

CU Boulder pals, Ben and Rob, dreamed of some type of start up. After nixing the idea of starting a band or opening a sandwich shop, they became bored and began building the furniture they liked, but couldn’t afford. Their pieces started out as gifts for family and friends, but soon people started offering money for their creations.

Their style is very modern meets very rustic – reclaimed elements with modern design built into it.
Soon, they moved into a home with a garage workshop, built their tool collection, began taking on projects, and Fin Art was born!

finart lockers“None of us knew anything; we just figured it all out,” says Rob.

Ben, having always been the artist of the duo, does most of the designing, while

Rob handles more of the business side. Theyare truly a dynamic duo.

This twosome sees a full on furniture line in Fin Art’s future, creating beautiful pieces that maintain versatile functionality.

finart justin
When it comes to Revampt, we offer only things that follow our motto:

Reclaimed. Repurposed. Recycled.

And Fin Art does just that. When asked what sustainability means to them, Rob didn’t beat around the bush whatsoever, “the character that old things have… they’re just cool as sh*t,” he says.

Stop by the showroom to have your very own Fin Art piece customized. And stay tuned for our next behind the scenes post!