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In this edition of our “Behind the Scenes” blog series, we will give you a backstage pass to HeathWorks! Owned and operated by long time sweethearts, Pat and Dave Heath, this industrial space turned urban loft, workshop, and band rehearsal space is where the happy couple create masterpieces and call home.

After spending 27 years in the corporate world and coming fresh out of upholstery school, Pat discovered she and her husband Dave, a retired cabinet maker, shared the perfect combination of skill sets. They knew they wanted to start a business and that quickly evolved into furniture making. They turned an old contractor’s building into both their studio space and their dream loft. In 12 years, Pat and Dave have definitely outdone themselves in personalizing their space!

The main living space is about what you’d expect; bright colors, groovy shapes, and amazing craftsmanship everywhere. But upon entering the back studio, it is a whole new world. This “very rock and roll and lurid” area is the couple’s work space, and so much more. On Sundays the Heaths open up their studio doors for local bands to practice in. Dave explains that this is their way of keeping the underground music scene alive; giving those musicians an “escape from the working world to rock out somewhere cool by the railroad tracks.” Their back studio is also home to an extensive cassette and vinyl collection, as well countless magazines, maps and other collectibles. Pat says that this innovative space keeps their creative juices flowing, and that projects aren’t necessarily planned, “things just come to us.”


Their loft is a true reflection of their furniture creations,
“very pop-mid century, atomic ranch-ish,”
as Pat calls it. “When you’re an artist, you work every
day,” explains Dave, “if I get an idea to make something,
I just make it.” And their shared home and work space
allows this dream team to do just that!

“Sawdust is a way of life around here,” jokes Pat as we make our way towards the back of the studio. The couple’s shop is filled with countless pieces in the works as well as pieces that they have collected along the way just waiting to be turned into something wonderful. At HeathWorks, they don’t ever buy anything new, which allows Pat and Dave to save investments in materials and also stay super green. “Saving something and turning it into something fantastic” is Dave’s favorite part of his business. Because they do not repurpose anything unless the item needs it, they only fix things that appear to have no value, which also means that they are able to produce very little to no waste.

“It’s not about making a lot of money, it’s about being creative and
something that somebody loves. It feels good.”


When the Heaths aren’t in their workshop creating, they are travelling to garage sales around the nation, Oregon and Nebraska specifically. They love the “thrill of the hunt” and have had great victory finding furniture as well as “jewelry for furniture,” as they call handles, hinges, and other accessories for their creations.

2 drawer dresser

  The couple has found a very successful niche, and they love every
of it! Dave mentioned that they have sold over 1,000 one of a kind pieces, are that they are “very thankful for all the customers” He says,
“there are a lot of people
out there that nudged us in the right direction.
Lots of thanks to repeat customers –

we wouldn’t have this business without customers.”

Pat and Dave have exceeded every goal they have ever set because of their customers and partners. For now, this team’s goal is to keep on doing the same thing because it keeps them happy, healthy and positive. They feel that this is good for society and is their way to nudge people in the right direction, and we agree! Stop by Revampt to check out what HeathWorks pieces we have to offer, or to customize your own! Thanks for tuning to this edition of “Behind the Scenes,” see you next time!