America’s State Parks’ First Day Hikes

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After so many meals filled with calories, people always start their new year’s resolutions list with exercise or something on the lines of it. There is a great option to start the year with the right foot which includes moving your body. America’s State Parks organization offers the First Day Hikes Program for outdoors enthusiasts. What better way to welcome the new year than to enjoy nature exercising and sharing a healthy experience with your family and friends? Today we share with you more details on the First Day Hike Program.

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First Day Hike Program

An America’s State Parks and the National Association of State Park Directors initiative, the First Day Hike Program started 5 years ago. In 2014, nearly 28,000 people hiked in the New Year. The program is led by knowledgeable state park staff and volunteers. Each park offers at least one guided hike and other self-guided hikes, as well. There are many activities that can be enjoyed in our state parks, such as: mountain and hill climbing, walks along lakes, great forest exploration, wildlife expeditions, bird-watching and many more. Check the America’s State Park website to find your favorite park to visit.

Advice when hiking in winter

As we’re in winter, it’s important to keep some things in mind. Here are some quick tips when going on a hike in winter:

1. Remember to dress in layers, making sure you have enough to play along with the weather. A waterproof jacket or poncho is vital for that unexpected rain or snow.
2. Wear a hat always! Body heat escapes the body through the head, make sure to keep warm with a hat.
3. Take an insulated water bottle or make sure to keep it warm with a koozie or keeping inside your jacket so it doesn’t freeze.
4. Remember sun’s glare reflecting on the snow can burn as bad as the intense beach sun. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen!
5. Carry a flashlight with you as winter days are shorter and dusk settles earlier.

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Don’t miss out on the fun and enjoyment of the First Day Hikes Program!¬†Read more about green areas in Denver to enjoy the outdoors and learn how even nature recycles with these recycling animals.