A New Approach to Furniture and the Green Revolution

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At Revampt, we’ve taken recycling to a whole new level. We’re not selling used furniture or home accessories; we’re taking discarded materials to create beautiful, unique, and eco-friendly pieces for the home or office. Instead of reusing or recycling, we’re upcycling!

Upcycled furniture and accessories

Repurposed specialty shop in Denver

Be a part of the Green Revolution and buy upcycled furniture and home accessories.

We’re a small boutique in Denver, Colorado, but instead of having handcrafted specialty pieces, we’re putting the planet first and making sure that everything we sell has had a past life. We believe that we have already taken enough natural resources from the earth, there’s no need to go back for more. We’re not just reducing and reusing; we’re eliminating the need to deplete the earth of more natural resources. All we have to do is get a little creative with the materials we’ve already sourced and using our talents to make “new” pieces.

Upcycling is the future

In the past, if you wanted something customized. A statement piece for the home that is specific to you and your style. Something that no one else has that says something unique about your home and your personality, you’d have to find new materials. New materials mean going back to the Earth, asking her for more and more so that we could have something one-of-a-kind. Today, we know better. At Revampt, we try to do better.

The difference between upcycling and recycling

When you recycle, you have to put materials through a chemical process, breaking down materials and turning them into something lesser than it was before. When you upcycle, you take the materials as you found them – an old skateboard, vinyl records, bike tires, or materials from an urban reclamation project – to create, carve, build, sew, and reconstruct something completely different. When you upcycle, you are taking old materials and moving them UP the supply chain, increasing their value.

“Revampt’s reclaimed home furnishings are individually selected for their utility, creativity, and unique re-purposed nature. We fabricate and construct our incredible home products from the most unsuspecting raw materials; bicycle wheels, sails, tires, dilapidated machinery, and more.”


Reclaimed furniture and accessories in Denver

All of our items are repurposed and upcycled from old materials.

Turn an old tool shed or wooden bleacher into a rustic country style armoire, dresser, or coffee table is taking materials deemed worthless, turning them into something useful and fabulous, thereby giving it new life and a much bigger value than before. You’re also skipping the chemical process of recycling, sparing the environment from extra toxins and harmful gasses.

Recycling is great, upcycling is better

Don’t get us wrong; recycling is great, and we should all be doing it whenever we can. However, upcycling is better, and if you have the chance to turn plastic bottles into pretty flower pots or use them for another art project, then that is a much better choice than tossing them in the recycling bin.

Eco-friendly furniture and home accessories in Denver

Personal style and unique home furnishings shouldn’t be at the expense of the planet. Revampt makes furniture you can feel great about buying.

Stop by our Denver boutique and pick our something special for your home.