5 Ways To Make Old Furniture New Again

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How To Upcycle Old Furniture!

We all have old furniture sitting around that we don’t like anymore or just displaced to the garage never to be seen again. What if we showed you 5 simple ways to give that piece a ‘makeover’ into something new? Revampt Goods gives a few upcycling tips to try before you recycle them out of your house!

Paint Chairs

This is the easiest one. If you have all wood chairs, give them a fresh coat of paint. You will be shocked at the difference a little paint can make! Before painting, be sure to sand the chair down. Sand with course sand paper, then wipe clean with a cloth. Sand with fine sand paper again. Wipe again with clean cloth. Now you are ready to paint!

Stain A Coffee Table

Another very simple project, yet the results are so transforming! If your coffee table is worn down or the corners have seen better years, give a little life to it! You can make it feel brand new by sanding, staining, and finishing it. Sand till the existing finish can no longer be seen. Wipe clean with a damp cloth. Stain your favorite wood tone!

NA sideboard detail



This seems like a no-brainer. If the fabric on your chairs, sofa, or headboard are a bit outdated, no need to buy new furniture- just reupholster! You can choose your own custom fabric and either tackle the job yourself using DIY instructions or take it to a professional. You will be so shocked at the difference fabric makes!

Reinvent the Dresser

The dresser is one of the most versatile pieces of furniture to transform.   Once repainted, it can be used as a sideboard, dresser, or even open storage with drawers removed. Paint your dresser in a high gloss enamel for a sophisticated, crisp look. Paint in a milk paint and distress with sand paper for a charming rustic look. Change the knobs to update for a unique twist to the old look.


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  • Michael Muranski

    Upcycling the old furniture is good way to have fun as well for eco-friendly for house. But without knowing the pros and cons nobody should apart their old house fittings. For this purpose indeed these fives ways are wonderful rebuild the old furniture therefore people should take full advantage of them.