4 Ways To Make Your Home Cozy This Winter

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Every home needs a little more warmth thrown in every year around November.  With all the snow and record temperatures Denver has had the last couple of weeks, see how you can make your home a little warmer on the inside with Revampt Goods!  With just a few simple additions, you can go from summer fun to winter warm in a day!  Even a sleek modern home can be transformed into a warm retreat after a long day.  See what happens when you combine differing textures, softer lighting and a few added raw elements to your space!

Throws and Pillowspillows

Even if you aren’t a huge fan of stacking pillows and rock the clean lines of a modern home, a few pillows during the winter months will warm your sitting areas considerably.  Pillows and throws draw in a guest to cozy up on the sofa on a cold night.  The textures of the materials add to the dimension of the room, creating warmth.  Try it all, cashmere, velvet, faux fur and wool!  This season, plaid is big and helps cultivate a warm, rustic relaxed atmosphere!

Firelight and Wood

Whether its in a fireplace or an electric heater or a candle, the warmth of firelight adds to the ambiance of the room creating soft lighting.  The flickering light reflects intimacy and warmth.  In the same way a flame provides warmth, wood and raw materials brings the element of a rustic interior, invoking feelings of a cozy cabin.  Stacking firewood next to a fireplace or in a corner or even under a console table can add the warmth you desire.

 Revampt goodsScents

Smells incite a healthy anticipation in our senses, awakening our bodies to the warmth surrounding us.  Candles with scents provide a cozy atmosphere, and the warmth of the flame adds to the softer lighting.  Try a woodsy aroma of a fir or cypress scented candle, or for a heavier scent opt for a pumpkin pie or apple cider based scent.  If you are sensitive to candle fragrances, set a pot of cider with cinnamon sticks and cloves on the stove on low and let the fragrance fill your home!

Floor Runners and Rugs

Having a soft flooring underfoot goes a long way in creating warmth in your home.  Roll them up in the warmer months, and pull them out as the weather turns chilly.  Runners in the main walkways, at the foot of the bed, in the kitchen and bath will keep your feet from freezing in the cold mornings.  In larger rooms, such as entry ways, living rooms and dining rooms, if you have wood, tile or stone floors, choose an area rug.  A rug with a high pile will seem cozier than a tighter weave rug.  Opting for a warm color will also add warmth to the room.

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