4 Ways To Give You Bedroom a Makeover

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YRevampt bedroom setupour bedroom is the number one place to find rest in your home.  Unfortunately, so many put this room to be the last place to be designed, leaving it to be the messiest or thrown together room in the house.  Change that today!  Make it the first place you want to be when you come home every day!  Learn 4 simple ways from Revampt Goods to make your bedroom a restful hiatus for you!

Clear the Clutter

When you think about a place of rest, what comes to mind?  Is it candles and thick throws, or clean lines and a comfy bed?  Whatever it is, write it down.  Take that into your room and get rid of or hide anything that does not measure up to your ideal place of rest.  If your room doubles as a work space, hide the work apparatus in a desk or armoire.  Ask yourself, is this conducive to relaxation or romance?  If it isn’t- remove it from your sight!

Bed with storageNew Duvet

Sometimes, the boldest new looks can come in the simplest packages.  Your room may not require paint or remodeling to make it appear fresh.  Try a new duvet.  You can alter the look of an entire room with the style of a duvet.  Romantic florals or modern crisp white to bold graphics or soothing pastels, this is one of the simplest ways to transform your abode!


Windows frame the room.  If you prefer open clean spaces, and you have large windows, you could leave them bare.  If you like the clean lines of bare windows, but need privacy, try curtain panels in a neutral hue.  Linens, burlap or a thick cotton weave will bring a casual element to your room, while a silk or heavy tapestry will make it more formal.

LightingLamp Hardwood end cuts

Keep the lighting in your room subdued.  Wall sconces or bedside lamps are great additions to adding an intimate flare to your room.   By adding additional lighting, aside from the overhead light, you will add an intimate vibe to your room.  You can completely transform the atmosphere or mood simply by changing the lighting in a room!

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