4 Ways To Create A Rustic Interior

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How To Repurpose Your Way To A Rustically Inspired Interior!

Winter time is the season to bring out the blankets, throws and all things cozy in your home. Creating a rustic interior takes a thoughtful approach to your living arrangement. Rustically inspired interiors have a connection to the past that is hard to resist. The art of repurposing and recycling provides a showcase for ingenuity, which is where Revampt Goods excels! We show you 4 ways you can create a rustic cozy atmosphere in your home through reclaiming and repurposing!

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When creating a warm interior, look for materials that are raw in nature. Opt for wood floors over carpet or tile. Using reclaimed or distressed wood adds to the appeal. However, you don’t want all your wood to match in tone. You can vary the wood floor colors from ceiling beams or kitchen cabinets. Think about adding additional elements, such as copper for kitchen sinks or polished concrete for countertops.

Older Is Better

When purchasing appliances, cabinets, or even furniture, look for antique pieces. Check out companies that design retro ovens and refrigerators, for a new appliance with a design from the past. Antique cabinets can be used for storage, or creating shelves or cabinets made from reclaimed wood would also complete the picture of rustic warmth!


Aesthetics is caused by contrast.  Incorporating different natural textures in a room will help bring dimension to your space. Distressed wood, copper, stone, and even throws with wool and knit textures creates a warm environment amidst modern interiors. When purchasing furniture, leave materials in their natural state, as raw as possible, to create authenticity.

White Out

White walls actually lend itself to warm, rustic interiors. The trick is to choose the right white. The variation of whites is as many as the colors on the color wheel. When choosing a white that will warm your interior and bring out the rustic warmth of wood tones, pick one that has a grey or gold undertones. Ask your painter for samples and test them on your wall with the lighting before painting.

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