4 No-Fail Wine and Cheese Couples for Your Christmas Parties

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Know The Perfect Wine and Cheese Pairings This Holiday!

Hosting this season?  We have the perfect wine and cheese pairings for your holiday event.  If you are attending parties, we have the perfect hostess gift for you to woo your way into the hostess’ heart.  Revampt Goods in Cherry Creek gives the holiday guide to no-fail wine and cheese pairings!

Bold Red and Aromatic Cheesecheese

Your perfect red wine and equally pleasing cheese is going to be a Malbec and Gruyere.  Malbec’s are dominated by bold, strong flavors with touches of plum and cherry.  Gruyere is a semi-soft creamy aromatic cheese originating from Switzerland and marries beautifully with the red wine.

White and Creamy

Your go-to white wine pairing is going to be Pinot Grigio and a Fontina cheese.  Pinot Grigio has a tropical, light floral note and pairs well with the creamy fontina.  Fontina is known as the ‘other brie’.  It’s earthy, without being too heavy.  If you add granny smith apple slices to your tray, it will take the pairing to a whole new level!

Sweet and Tangy

Dry Riesling and goat cheese is a winning combo for your holiday event.  Riesling is a high acidic wine with a light fresh flavor.  Goat cheese is a creamy cheese with a tangy finish, but comes in multiple flavors.  Get it berry infused, herbed or plain, either way it will be the perfect compliment to your Riesling!

Bubbly and Brie

Brie is the quintessential French cheese.  The salty, mushroom flavor of the cheese is the classic pairing with a bubbly champagne.  You can’t get any classier than this pair!

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