3 Tricks For Styling Your Bookshelves

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Yes, there are more to bookshelves than books. Ever notice the perfectly styled bookshelves in magazines or show homes? Do your bookshelves need some assistance in getting de-cluttered and accessorized? Feeling overwhelmed at the thought of re-organizing? Revampt Goods has 3 timeless, easy tips in styling your bookshelves using what you have!

Organize Your Shelvesshelf Revampt

Before backing away from your computer, think of it this way; Just rearrange. Rearrange according to height or color. If arranging by height, take the tallest book and put at end of shelf, stack books accordingly decreasing in height. On the next shelf, do the same, but alternate. Take the tallest book and set in center working out on both ends with decreasing height. On another shelf you can begin with the tallest book on opposite end of bookshelf. This will provide continuity and order without being symmetrical. If organizing by color; sort books according to color and group accordingly on shelves. You don’t want every shelf to be filled with books. Stack some books horizontally to hold up a section of books standing vertically. If you have a section of books beginning at left end of shelf, have it only reach 2/3rds of the shelf. On shelf below it, put books only in the center and accessorize on either side. Basically, just keep it alternating, don’t copy same pattern on each shelf, lest your books fall over from boredom.


All in all when designing your bookshelf, anything goes. However, you must keep the ‘anything’ in balance. Vary the texture of accessories; keep them in scale with the shelves, and stick to one style to avoid over doing it. Balance and scale will endure you end up with a visually pleasing arrangement!

revampt clocks2011Shelves Are For More Than Books

This tip is especially helpful in small home living. Use your book shelves to house other items with your books. Use a shelf as a mini bar. Set a tray with favorite glasses and liquors and set on shelf. Use pottery or vases as book ends. Display art leaning on books or hanging on back wall of shelf. Think outside the box, get creative!

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