3 Tips To Improve Your Lighting!

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Lighting is what makes all the difference in a room. Without it, a clean room can appear dingy, small or dirty. See how you can improve the overall lighting in your home with three simple tips from Revampt Goods!

globe light shadeThe Lighting Trifecta

Lighting should be in three forms in each room. You should have general lighting, specific lighting, and ambient lighting. General lighting is the overhead light, or the overall illumination. Specific lighting is often called task lighting. Task lighting is typically achieved through track lighting, pendant lighting or lamps. Ambient lighting is the accent light. Accent light is the use of concentrated light on an area or subject to create a visual point of interest. Accent lighting can be produced by recessed, track lights or wall mounted fixtures, such as sconces.

Energy Efficient Bulbs

CFL’s or LED’s are excellent for energy efficiency. CFL’s emit a harsher light, although you can purchase the full spectrum version for light that enhances blues and reds in your room.

And Then There Was LightGlobe light shade

Don’t forget to light the dark corners of your home, too! Closets, shelving, kitchen countertops, and cabinets can all be lit. They become more of a focal point in a room when appropriately lit.

Attractive Chandeliers

If you detest looking at the lighting fixture in your living room or dining room, change it. Replacing the light fixture completely changes the look of a room, and many times makes it brighter if the fixture is more open in design. Maximize your natural light and make the best use of your fixtures, utilizing as much light as you can!

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Hat lamp shade

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