3 R’s to change the world

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Reclaim Recycle Repurpose

The 3R’s definition means Retreat, Recover, convert into reusable material, to use differently.  Our goal is to redirect wasted, neglected material that can become art. At the same time, we know that this new approach to art gives a helping hand to our ever-changing environment.

Revampt loves nothing more than to see a customer create a piece they know they will cherish. All of our highly qualified artists offer product customization to have clients see the many possibilities in design.

3R's, Art, Recycle, Interior design

Products we have created out using the 3R’s concept

We are artists on a mission and know that there are many old materials and products out there that need a chance to be brought back to life and not end up in the trash.  Accept our invitation to you to visit our website to find our products.  You will be amazed to see what an artistic eye can do with forgotten furniture. recycle, interior design, remodel

Revampt specializes in working with both local and out of state artists to design and build custom furnishings that are constructed from reclaimed and up-cycled materials. We pride ourselves in creating pieces for our customers that make a statement and last a lifetime. Almost nothing is out of the realm of possibilities, so if you’ve got an idea for a custom piece, we would love to help you turn it into a reality!

Sustainable Halloween costume

Get creative with materials, accessories, and clothing that you already have at your house.



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