3 Easy Design Ideas for Awkward Spaces

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Decorate Small Spaces in Denver With Revampt Goods!

Large or small homes, there is bound to be a room or two that either has a small amount of floor space, or the layout of the room creates a difficult space to work with. Revampt Goods in Cherry Creek of Denver gives creative solutions to fill that space without making it over crowded and maintain continuity throughout the home.

Storage ShelvingReclaimed wood shelving unit

The Reclaimed Shelving Unit can be used to divide a larger room into two or provide storage in a small room.  The open design and airy shelving with maintain an open and visually lightweight piece that would work beautifully in a smaller space. If you have a large room and need a room divider, consider shelving.  Several units placed side by side, or to have a unit custom made will create a natural divider while still keeping the space open. An added bonus is the shelving to display favorite items or books which will add to the style of the room as well. The elegant rustic shelving unit is easy to ship and install, with custom options available!  The reclaimed Central City Bookshelf would also work beautifully in a small space because of its low height.

desk side with glass topMulti Task The Space

In small spaces or rooms with awkward walls, it sometimes calls for multipurpose furniture pieces.  Adding a well-designed desk in a living room or against a wall in the kitchen can double as an attractive side table or as a work space.  The key to having a multi purposed piece is to keep it clean when not in use for work.  Decorate with small accessories to coordinate the desk with the rest of the room.

Floating ShelvesRevampt decorations and shelving

Floating wall shelves are one of the best ways to store dishes in a kitchen, books in the living room, storage in a small bathroom.  Narrow wall shelves work excellently to bring functional storage into a room with out compromising style. Revampt Goods floating wooden shelves are made from recycled douglas fir and each one has its own unique character and imperfections.  Custom sizes are available for your space!

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Revampt Goods sells sensible, utilitarian, and affordable home furnishings made from recycled materials.  Everything in this store had a previous life and has been given new utility.  Our incredible home products are fabricated from the most unsuspecting raw materials; bicycle wheels, sails, tires, dilapidated machinery, and more. Check back soon for more details as we continue to hand pick these one-of-a-kind reclaimed goods!