3 DIY Projects with Old Skis

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Have some old skis laying around? Thinking about throwing them or giving them to someone? How about this –Revampt Goods gives you three DIY projects to upcycle those skis into something useful!   Some projects may require gathering more skis than you actually have. Find extra skis on craigslist if you need more. So, grab the old skis from the garage and try this exciting but quick DIY project!

3 DIY Projects with Old Skis

Horizontal Ski Headboard

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For this project, you will need as many skis to cover the width of the headboard. Sort by height. Put the tallest in the center and work outward with the shortest skis at the end. If you need to, cut the bottoms of the skis to gain more of a gradual decrease in height. Once stacked according to an appropriate height, nail the skis to a board across the bottom third of the skis, just to keep them in place. Lean against the wall behind the bed and enjoy your new headboard!

Coat Rack

Use your skis to hang your coats and bags on! Hooks are attached to the skis and can be antiqued with brown stain for a more nostalgic look. Skis would then hang horizontally, one on top of the other, spaced about a foot or so apart. Bolt the skis to the wall into a stud to be sure they can hold heavy weight.

Wine Rack

Turn your skis into a wine rack! Cut the skis into thirds. Take the top third portion and drill 3 -4 holes, diameter wide enough for a wine bottle neck. Take a block of wood, and bolt the top third portion of the ski to the block of wood. Bolt that block of wood to another section of ski that is 2/3rds the length of the top portion. The top third of the ski with the holes to hold the wine bottles should be perpendicular to the bottom portion set at a 45-degree angle.

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